Do many pet owners use cremation services?

Pet cremation is becoming more and more popular due to the restrictions in neighborhoods, moving homes more often and the simple, clean and personalized process.  It is an affordable alternative to sustain the memory of your pet.

Can my veterinarian help me with the cremation process?

Your veterinarian and their staff can help you decide on the service that is right for you.  If you work with a clinic/hospital that does not currently use our services, you can simply tell them that Family Animal Services of Utah will be providing your pet’s services.  We will be happy to transport your pet from your veterinarian to our facility free of charge.

Can I arrange services directly with Family Animal Services of Utah?

Absolutely.  We are open to the public and understand how this may be important for you and your family.  Simply call our office and schedule a time.  Because we honor our family’s privacy and need to spend time alone with their beloved pet, all services are done by appointment only so as to not interfere with another family’s time.

 What is done with Communal Cremation ashes?

Communal Cremations are performed whereas the ashes of multiple pets are commingled.  They are processed and their cremains are scattered on private property.

When you pick up my pet from my veterinarian, how will you know it is my pet and what services I would like performed?

We have a proprietary ID Tracking System that positively identifies your pet and the services you have requested.  If your veterinarian is one of our “Preferred Providers”, they will identify and tag your pet with the necessary information so we can perform the services you have chosen.  If we are transporting your pet from another clinic/hospital, we will work with you personally to ensure your pet is positively identified and the services you request are confirmed prior to any services being performed.  

How do I know my pet has not been misplaced?

Our ID Tracking System allows us to positively identify where your pet is at all times and what the status is for the services being performed.  We require documentation and signatures when picking up a pet, we electronically track all pets in our facility and we again require signatures when returning your pet’s remains and any memorial products purchased.

How are cremations accomplished?

Your pet's body will be placed in the cremation chamber and through heat and evaporation, will be reduced to what we refer to as the “cremains”.  We follow strict process guidelines when removing the “cremains” and ensure a high quality end result that is suitable for filling an urn, memorial jewelry or spreading.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Pets are the light of our lives, when that light dims, we often struggle. 

However, their spirit shines on brightly, and will guide us as we continue on our journey, a journey full of memories and love.

Cremation may seem strange to those who have not been through it before.  We understand that it can be confusing and that is why we will answer all your questions and address any concerns that may arise.  It is very important that you understand as much as possibly about Family Animal Services of Utah ~ Pet Care Memorial Center so that you are able to make the choices that best fit your needs.  Please read through the frequently asked questions below.  Others may have had the same questions and concerns as you do.

If you have additional questions that are not discussed below, please call our office and speak to a member of our professional staff and they can assist you.

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